CMA Dynamic Press Control

Dynamic Press Control

CMA is a leading integrator of high quality software and devices for the offset printing industry. Our products can help your business to minimize paper, ink and energy wastes.

Use less ink and paper and get your work done quickly and smoothly
Follow conventional guidelines for optimal standardized color
Straight –forward standard printing procedures

Result: High profitability from day one.

Dynamic Press Control

Automatic ink settings

Intelliset technology is designed to reduce waste thanks to an inbuilt system which presets all keys according to the job before running the press.

  • Accurately preset ink to ensure the right tone and color
  • Compatible with most printers regardless of model and make
  • Enables job preview
  • Recognizes different types of paper
  • Manage photographic films
  • And much more...

Xrite Intellitrax auto scanning system

The perfect advanced automatic color management solution for 4+ color printing and press side color control. Intellitrax measures special colors, PANTONE®, non process colors and paper colors. All the aforementioned features qualify Intellitrax as the ideal system for high speed professional printing.

X-rite design Intellitrax is capable of automatically scanning the color bar of a typical standard press sheet in less than 15 seconds and immediately displays the result on screen allowing printing operators to make necessary adjustments if needed and to approve colors easily and quickly.

Intellitrax is by far the leading technology and the ideal color management solution for quality, professional, high speed printing.


Adjusts all keys on the printer in less than 20 seconds enabling you to go on closed-loop in combination with Intellitrax X-rite.

Intellitrax Xrite automatically measures inking and detects media wedge positioning.

  • Automatically regulates inking
  • Operators can choose whether to modify colors at any given moment
  • System is compatible with most printers and print sheets
  • Easy and automatic integration using control bar
  • The extent of each correction can be controlled at the click of a button