CMA Contract Proofing Ink

CMA ProofinK™ 100% Designed to match Epson® ink

Easily meet quality standards related to proofing, wide format printing, digital photography,
art reproduction, signage or any other general printing need.

  • High quality aftermarket inks
  • Designed to match original EPSON® STYLUS® PRO printers ink performance
  • Up to 30% savings on re-manufactured genuine EPSON® STYLUS® PRO cartridges
  • Cleaver recycling program
  • Reliable and “Plug & Print”
  • Quick and easy conversion procedure
  • 100% compatible with original inks. Change them as you run out
  • Cost efficient solution for legacy printer upgrades (Multiple printer series can share the same wide gamut)
  • Works with most inkjet receptive media





CMA ProofinK™ available for the following printers model

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K606100 4880 220ml Photo Black
K606200 4880 220ml Cyan
K606300 4880 220ml Vivid Magenta
K606400 4880 220ml Yellow
K606500 4880 220ml Light Cyan
K606600 4880 220ml Vivid Light Magenta
K606700 4880 220ml Light Black
K606900 4880 220ml Light Light Black
K614800 4880 220ml Matte Black
K563100 7800/9800 220ml Photo Black
K563200 7800/9800 220ml Cyan
K563300 7800/9800 220ml Magenta
K563300 7800/9800 220ml Vivid Magenta
K563400 7800/9800 220ml Yellow
K563500 7800/9800 220ml Light Cyan
K563600 7800/9800 220ml Light Magenta
K563600 7800/9800 220ml Vivid Light Magenta
K563700 7800/9800 220ml Light  Black
K563900 7800/9800 220ml Light Light Black
K567800 7800/9800 220ml Matte Black
K603100 7880/9880 220ml Photo Black
K603200 7880/9880 220ml Cyan
K603300 7880/9880 220ml Vivid Magenta
K603400 7880/9880 220ml Yellow
K603500 7880/9880 220ml Light Cyan
K603600 7880/9880 220ml Vivid Light Magenta
K603700 7880/9880 220ml Light Black
K603900 7880/9880 220ml Light Light Black
K612800 7880/9880 220ml Matte Black
K653100 4900 200ml Photo Black
K653200 4900 200ml Cyan
K653300 4900 200ml Vivid Magenta
K653400 4900 200ml Yellow
K653500 4900 200ml L Cyan
K653600 4900 200ml Vivid Light Magenta
K653700 4900 200ml L Black
K653900 4900 200ml LL Black
K653800 4900 200ml Matte Black
K653A00 4900 200ml Orange
K653B00 4900 200ml Green
K636100 7700/9700/7890/9890/7900/9900 700ml Photo Black
K636200 7700/9700/7890/9890/7900/9900 700ml Cyan
K636300 7700/9700/7890/9890/7900/9900 700ml Vivid Magenta
K636400 7700/9700/7890/9890/7900/9900 700ml Yellow
K636500 7890/9890/7900/9900 700ml L Cyan
K636600 7890/9890/7900/9900 700ml Vivid Light Magenta
K636700 7890/9890/7900/9900 700ml L Black
K636900 7890/9890/7900/9900 700ml LL Black
K636800 7700/9700/7890/9890/7900/9900 700ml Matte Black
K636A00 7900/9900 700ml Orange
K636B00 7900/9900 700ml Green