CMA ColorCloud Features

Stabilize your print quality and save costs

CMA ColorCloud
  • Professional level color management and stabilization for
    commercial printers, service bureaus and brand owners 
  • Perfect color, repeatable over mulitple devices and locations, 
    anywhere in the world
  • Cloud-based
  • Extremely easy to use
  • No added costs for computer hardware, software or maintenance
  • Outstanding grey balance 
  • Improved print quality 

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CMA ColorCloud Benefits 

CMA ColorCloud guarantees accuracy and repeatablility are the key requirements of any quality color print customer. Now you can achieve both and save money - with a cost effective and simple solution in the cloud. 

CMA ColorCloud is the new cloud-based color management tool for professional color printers. With just a few clicks ColorCloud delivers you color accurate results that stay that way throughout the press run, day after day. All you need is a web browser and a measurement device. No need to waste money on computer hardware, software or maintenance costs. 

Plus, at the same time, you save on toner or ink. Thanks to ColorCloud's patented special color management algorithms, not only are colors accurtely reproduced but the relationship between the four printing inks is carelly calculated to produce an outstanding greybalance and an overall reduction in the amount of toner or ink used.