CMA ColorControl Features

Quality control for proofs, press sheets and color displays

CMA ColorControl

  • Measure and Certify towards the new IDEAlliance Control Wedge 2013
  • Web-based color quality monitoring
  • A dashboard to enterprise-wide performance
  • Real-time comprehensive reporting
  • Includes industry standard color targets
  • Customizable targets and tolerances
  • Saves time, materials and costs
  • Windows and Mac OS X

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CMA ColorControl: The Most Advanced Color Management Technology

CMA ColorControl

CMA ColorControl

CMA ColorControl is an effective and easy-to-use web-based color quality control system. CMYK color bars for SWOP, GRACoL, 3DAP, FOGRA and other standards can be easily measured and evaluated on any proof or press sheet. In-house printing standards and customizable color bars can be added. To verify spot colors, users can create their own color set by selecting from spot color libraries or entering Lab values.

CMA ColorControl measurement results can be output as a brief summary on a label or as a detailed report. All measurement results for the devices monitored are stored and can be used for analyzing trends and device performance. This allows the user to detect quality variations over a certain period of time. CMA ColorControl provides clear facts and helps avoid lengthy discussions about color issues.

Web monitoring brings all the data to any location that has an Internet-connection. Data can be analyzed for overall company performance and trends. View all job information throughout the production process from soft proof to proof to print. An included temperature and humidity probe constantly measures environmental conditions to ease the troubleshooting process.


Support for industry-standard color bars
  • Fogra Media Wedge
  • IDEAlliance ISO 12647-7 2013 & 2007
  • Predefined standard tolerances for
  • SWOP
  • 3DAP
  • ISO 

  • Precise verification process with repeatable results
  • Clear indication of compliance with industry standard 

  • Web-based monitoring of all connected devices 
  • Automatic evaluation of measurement results
  • Detailed trend analysis
  • Windows and Macintosh version
  • Spot color verification based on standard color libraries
  • Customizable color bars and tolerance values

  • Access from anywhere via Internet
  • Instant results
  • Monitoring of device performance
  • Platform independent
  • Precise verification of standard colors
  • Flexible and easy to use