CMA Double Sided Imposition Control

The Proofer is the Press

The Proofer is the Press

The DJet system is based on Epson’s new, high-performance, Energy Star rated, SureColor SC-T series printers and can cover both four-up and eight-up formats with paper widths of 23” (580 mm), 35” (890 mm), and 43” (1090 mm), as well as all offset formats up to class 6 (100 x 140 cm). With five cartridge chambers to facilitate a fast and automatic change between Photo Black and Matte Black, the DJet with SureColor SC-T series printers is efficient and environmentally friendly.

Profitable Production System

Depending on the preselected resolution, printing speeds can be as much as three times faster than earlier iterations for jobs up to 300 A4 sheets per hour printed on both sides. In addition to producing imposition proofs, the CMA Match Jet also serves as an efficient production system for short runs, suitable for the output of a wide variety of products including brochures, leaflets, books, menus, point of sale papers, etc. The CMA Match Jet works with the four CMYK process colors and easily meets all targets defined by common print standards.

Simple and Safe

With a minimum of mechanical parts, the CMA Match Jet concept provides maximum production safety and operational simplicity. The two printers, which are engineered in sequence and offset by 180°, allow for the direct output of double-sided print jobs in just a single pass through the system. The need for operator intervention to feed sheets or turn the media over has been eliminated.

Off-the-shelf video cameras are used to monitor production progress utilizing a code printed alongside the sheets. Throughout the print run, the system registers the current position of the printed paper. This enables high-precision, front-to-back registration on the uncut roll paper. With the CMA Match Jet, status messages regarding printer readiness, filling level of the ink cartridges, production progress, end of paper roll, etc. are reported in real-time.

Simple and Safe

Inkjet Quality, no primer coating

The environmentally-friendly Epson UltraChrome XD inks are water-based and are distinguishable by their large color space, their deep shades of black, and their outstanding resistance to fading. These favorable characteristics are paired with their reliability on a wide variety of print substrates. Hence, it is possible to use some uncoated FSC certified papers with a grammage of 90 gms to 250 gms per square meter without having to pre-treat them with a primer.

Simple Installation

Important functions for controlling the system have been integrated directly by Epson into the firmware of the SureColor printers used with the CMA Match Jet solution. Mechanical and electronic modifications and adaptations by Digital Information are no longer necessary. According to the «Plug and Play» principle, every CMA Match Jet is ready for production immediately upon installation.