Nanotechnology Coating Consulting

Dr. Pierre-Alain Brugger, CMA Imaging Consultant

With over 25 years of expertise in imaging technology, Dr. Brugger has joined CMA Imaging to help those working with imaging media development, or manufacturing of functional coatings, to identify and implement technical opportunities. 

General Consulting:  Service providers, in plants, brand owners, and agencies are typical customers of CMA Imaging Consulting’s imaging, digital proofing, and inkjet printing color management consulting services. The company here utilizes its expertise in superior ink and imaging media color matching to streamline processes and reduce ink and paper waste for optimum, standardized color  -- all ultimately leading to maximum profitability. 

Inkjet Media Consulting:  Service providers and technology vendors are the most interested in Dr. Brugger’s inkjet media consulting activities. Here, CMA works to help companies improve product design and reduce performance weaknesses; optimize manufacturing processes and coating defects; establish new product specifications for external clients; link distributors with manufacturers; and assist with technical matters related to chemical and nanotechnology optimization either in imaging or non-imaging applications of coatings.

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Dr. Pierre-Alain Brugger, CMA Imaging Consultant