Color Academy

Onsite training

Often companies do not realize the full potential of their equipment purchases because the training addresses the product purchased and not your workflow outside the product. Invariably the installer is unable to address any workflow concerns.

CMA resolves these problems allowing devices to communicate color harmoniously. We reduce your consumable waste and operator time while attaining a superior color product. Create high quality profiles and learn how to use them. We have helped businesses like yours achieve the best color possible quickly with tips and short cuts earned from years of experience.


  • Accurate resultaten en snel
  • Snel, geen uitgebreide perioden met onzekere kleuren
  • Best practices aanpak voor een eenvoudigerkleuren managerment 
  • Superieure kwaliteit zonder gissing werk 
  • Verminderde afval van consumables waste wegens slechte kleuren
  • Geminimalizeerde tijd tot een accuraat kleuren resultaat.


  • (1 - 2 dagen) Printer proofing calibratie and profielen aanmaken
  • (3 - 5 dagen) Pers calibratie and profielen anmaken
  • (2 - 5 dagen) Fine Art Editions color management

Color Academy

Color Academy is a CMA initiative aimed at helping professionals to strengthen their knowledge of color management, standardization and simplification of workflow.

Color Academy is a live forum; Participants may contribute actively, thus creating interactive and constructive tutorials. Our aim is to provide customers with knowledge. Our tutorials take place every two months and they consist of a technical part and a theoretical part. Topics for tutorials are open for suggestions. We also organize more specific courses for operators.

Our wide range of choice and expertise is what makes CMA unbeatable.