CMA has designed best-in-class products for digital printing, proofing and packaging applications to give access to the most advanced color management technologies, with easy-to-use software and hardware together with the highest quality substrates and inks.

Cloud-Based color computing Software

Enterprise Cloud-Based Color Computing Software with a set of unique Apps to manage all your color matching requirements. CMA consulting services have been expanded to offer a fully customisable cloud-based system to fit all your unique requirements with end-less possibilities.

Centralized color database, share securely your color assets, compute and optimize your colors, perform advanced color management tasks, quality control, reporting tools, handle your color services, equipment contracts and much more.

CMA ColorPrediction

Color cards ∆E00 < 1 !

CMA ColorPrediction is an innovative software to predict spot colors digitally and accurately for all packaging printing applications (labels and flexible packaging, folding carton, in-mould-labeling, plastics and films, corrugated, metal decoration, etc)

Print color cards cost effectively in a few simple steps using water-based or eco-solvent proofing devices like Epson (SC-P5000, SC-P7500, SC-80600) and Roland VSi (300, 540). Also works with digital printing equipment such as HP Indigo.

The Industry's best performing contract proofing paper

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The industry’s most performing proofing papers for all commercial and packaging printing applications. Quantum encompass the latest generation of premium inkjet coating. It is the result of decades of market experience, competences in inkjet media technologies, material science and chemical formulation.


QUANTUM PROOFING papers have been designed to smoothly integrate your current workflows through efficient calibration. 
FOGRA 39, 47, 51, 52. GRACoL2013 & 2006

ISO12647-7:2016 Certification without paper simulation  required

Perfect Balance Of OBA

Calibration with M1 or M0 to certify towards industry standards

Deluxe « look and feel »

Surface simulating best match production stock


State-of-the-art inkjet receiving layer encompassing the latest functional coatings development.
Exceptional Brightness

Which increases substantially the color gamut and spot colors reproduction

Outstanding Stability And Color Consistency

For contractual proofing certification with the lowest Delta E

Superior ink load absorption 

For extended gamut & instant dry capabilities surpassing  other papers

Digital Solution for Prototyping & mockups with Product Embellishment


A Revolution in Packaging Proofing & Prototyping. 

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Clarico-Offer style 3

Foil, Embossing, Tactile, Varnish

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Bright Metallics

Extra bright Metallic Ink Formula

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Proof Direct-to-Substrate

Transfer direct to the production stock

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 Extended Gamut Ink 

Matching Spot Colors Accurately

The Most Advanced Color Management Solutions

cma Color toolbox

Measure and Optimize

Extended color gamut

Multi-Primary Printing Tools


Exchanging Color Data


Connected with CMA Software


Workflow Color Automation

color consulting

Advanced Color Projects and Standardiztion