Color Solutions

CMA ColorPack Prototyping and Mockups

prototyping and mockups

Produce cost effective digital packaging proofs and mockups directly to the production stock using the CMA ColorPack Technology.

CMA ColorPack Special Effects

proofing embellishment

CMA ColorPack Special Effects Edition enable to produce digitally color proofs with selective varnish, emboss, tactile and foil stamping.

Centralized color library

brands color libraries

CMA can digitize your custom production color recipes with the aim to exchange digitally color data accurately in the supply chain.



Have instantaneous global access to your customers' brand palettes to ensure that the right colors and expectations are communicated.

Pantone ColorPack By CMA Imaging


This unique inkjet proofing paper with Pantone® backprint is specifically designed to guarantee global color communication for PANTONE® colors.

Color Consulting

color consulting

CMA Color Management Advice will enable to gain efficiency across the entire and global supply chain with consistent color communication.