From Color Theory to Automation


Applied Color Science

  •  Support on the digitalization of colors difficult to attain with digital printing devices (for example using the double ink passage to obtain a stronger red, using the CMA color matching algorithm, matching the colors in the spectral domain).
  •  Support on the realization of complex special effects for prototype or product embellishment
  •  Support on the research to obtain customized special effects

Technology audit and methodology

 Our technology audit is a method of investigation aiming at the evaluation of the (a) technological capacity, (b) procedures, and (c) needs of a company. The technology audit will be carried out by experienced CMA IMAGING Expert, in close collaboration with the management and staff of your company. It will identify the strong points and those points to improve through the characterization and general assessment of the company’s know how, following the need and commercial strategy. 

It is based on the structure: data collection - analysis - synthesis - report.

After successful completion it will result in a process of analysis, which leads to concrete proposals (action plan). This action plan will lead to technological improvement, acquisition of needed technologies or expertise. It is a starting point for further company development supported by the management of the company.

The general aim of the technology audit is to evaluate the capacity of the company to integrate new technologies, work with technological partners and better define what they need to successfully integrate these manufacturing technologies into the company.