Digitize ink production recipes

from production to design

Digitizing ink production recipes

CMA can digitize your production ink color recipes with the aim to exchange color data accurately in the supply chain. The information will be extracted in CxF format from the Ink Formulation software in order to import it to CMA ColorPack Software. Using the CMA expertise and technology, the color can be digitally proofed onto the production substrate accurately under tight dE control.


Matching the Master & Dependent Colors

Expectations and tolerances can be translated into a Delta E between the reliant (proof) and master standard. A subdivision for the tolerances can be defined by minimum, standard and maximum, this will help in creating standard production tolerance acceptance. As part of the color matching digitizing process, the digital colors are matched to the master standard coming from the conventional ink recipes and also to the dependent references in the proofing process. The colors approved from the customer will go into your Absolute Color Library. This will become the master standard to target from different locations or printing processes.  The printing processes can be specified in Relative Color Libraries to host the best color match on a specific combination of substrate, ink and printing process.

Master and Dependent Standard to match a specific printing process.

Centralized color library

CMA has the expertise to offer the service to digitize your own ink color library. CMA will provide the instructions and procedures to exchange or access the color data from a secure and centralized color library. A set of rules to exchange the color data can be defined with your main stakeholders in the supply chain. CMA recommends its customers to remain the « master of ceremony » for its colors that will be exchanged from the design until the production.