CMA ColorPack Prototyping

proofing direct to IML filmS

Produce cost effective digital packaging proofs and mockups directly to the production stock using the CMA ColorPack Technology.

CMA ColorPack Special Effects

proofing embellishment

CMA ColorPack Special Effects Edition enable to produce digitally color proofs with selective varnish, emboss, tactile and foil stamping.

CMA Metallic Inkjet Ink

white & metallics

CMA has developed a special Metallic Ink Formula for packaging prototyping. Its bright metallic finish enables to print the Pantone® Metallic accurately.

CMA Quantum Proofing

quantum proofing paper

The industry’s most performing « hybrid » or « multi-standard » proofing paper for all commercial and packaging printing applications.



Exchange Color Data consistently across the supply chain in CxF-X4 format including the spectral data of your special color.

Dynamic Press Color Control

press color control

Unique adaptive incremental algorithm per key & substrate. Stabilize & standardize production, Hit your color targets and stay there.