Color Solutions

CMA Quantum Proofing

Contract proofing

The industry’s most performing « hybrid » or « multi-standard » proofing paper for all commercial and packaging printing applications.

Prototyping and Mockups

prototyping & mockups

Produce cost effective digital packaging proofs and mockups directly to the production stock using the CMA ColorPack Technology.

Color Standardization from design to production

color standardization

Color consistency across your complete supply chain through color standardized workflows from design to production.

Extended Color Gamut

extended gamut

Optimized production with multi-primary printing and color management technologies for extended color gamut application.

CMA Digital Color Lab

digitized color libraries

CMA can digitize your custom production color recipes with the aim to exchange digitally color data accurately in the supply chain .

Dynamic Press Color Control

press closed-loop

Unique adaptive incremental algorithm per key & substrate. Stabilize & standardize production, Hit your color targets and stay there.