The most Advanced Color Management Solution

Digital ink drawdowns & color cards

CMA ColorPrediction is a software package that predict accurately colors for packaging printing applications for the market segments for flexo, offset, gravure, corrugated, metal decoration. Print in a few minutes digital ink drawdowns color cards  using conventional water-based or eco-solvent proofing device such as Epson (i.e. SC-P5000, SC-P7500, SC-80600) or Roland (i.e. VSi 300, 540).

It is the solution to digitize colors or import a color library from your ink formulation system to print accurately in a few clicks color cards in proofing paper or direct to the production stock.

Predict colors on different substrates and produce color cards with the standard, minimum and maximum accepted tolerances.

CMA ColorPrediction

packaging proofing & mockups

The CMA ColorPack Software incorporates all the cross-system functions for high-end color-accurate contract proofing. Highly sophisticated proofing jobs can be processed in an optimal way while complying to the most important quality standards like ISO, PSD or G7. It includes the latest Adobe PDF Print Engines (APPE) to increase the overall RIP performance, which leads to significant time savings, especially while handling several print jobs simultaneously.

CMA ColorPack has been optimized to obtain the highest efficient proofing production combined with the CMA Consumables to make digital prototype directly on the production substrate that matches the production. Additionally, the CMA ColorPack Special Effects upgrade includes unique features for: foil stamping, emboss, deboss, different levels of finishing and selective varnish gloss, satin or matte.


File formats BMP, TIFF, JPG, PSD, EPS, DCS 2.0, Raster/Screening formats, Postscript formats, latest PDF format, PDF/X-4 and X5, Preview, Split preview, Softproof preview, Thumbnail preview, Scaling, Scaling to reference value, Cut marks and registration marks, Mirror / Rotate, Auto Rotate, Kit cut marks, FOTOBA cut marks, Offset and centering, Copy and layout print, Tiling marks, Fill rows, Eyelet marks/ Grommets , Job duplication, Cropping, Load media size, Job information, Exif data, Drag and Drop, Kit cropping, Job settings, Job sorting, Auto tiling, Advanced sorting, Job Log, Separated PDF files, Media-Ink-Metamode, CrossXColor Technology, ICC color management, Borderless printing, Embedded ICC profiles, Rendering Intents, Media compensation, Virtual printer, Pure colors, Dynamic PPD generation, RIP while print, Print data storage, Delete jobs after printing, Auto pause, 16 Bit Color Rendering, Saturation enhancement, Noise, Metallic printing, Smooth Shades, Replace fonts, Printer Status Monitor, System requirements, Anti Aliasing, Color correction, White Ink, Speed Screen, Densitometer, White Ink preview, GamutPlus, Minimum White Compression, MultiColor ICC Engine, Job information settings, CMYK/ Spotcolor-Overprint, Cutting function support of hybrid device (driver bound), Raster / Screen, Special colors, Im- and export feature, Multipage PDF/ PS files, Spread and choke, Paper media simulation and compensation, Gamut Viewer, Intensity, Device handled multi copy function.

Color Management Features

Profiling Tools

Device Link, Press FingerPrint, nColor,  Ink Saving

Color tools

Color Replacement, Color Atlas, Color Libraries

Quality Control

Proof Certification: FOGRA, IDEAlliance or Custom

Workflow Features

Print & Cut

All-in-one printers

Multiple printers

Drive multiple printers simultaneously

Job Management

Trim, Nest, Cost Calculation, Backup, Access Control

Top Functionalities

Color Gamut

Extended Color Gamut, out of gamut visualizer


Spectral Curve  and Color Exchange

Extra Channels

White, Metallic, Foil, Varnish



Integration with CMA ColorPack

Color server

Automatic Color Space Transformation


CMYK + 8 channels ICC profiling


Workflow Integration

G7 calibration

Meet IDEAlliance G7 requirements 

Printable gamut visualizer

Out-of-Gamut preview highlight


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